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Building relationships through communication

Are you a non-profit striving to make a difference but facing common challenges?

  • Maybe you’re not sure who your target audience is or how to reach it
  • Or you’re uncertain about the impact of your communications
  • You’re struggling with language differences in your outreach and between colleagues
  • And of course: you’re operating on a tight budget…

You’ve come to the right place – I’m here to help!

consultancy services

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Help with your communications strategy
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Training & Facilitation

about me

My name is Wine. I am a communications consultant and researcher with +10 years’ experience in designing and implementing research & strategies around communication, translation & multilingual work.  I am passionate about using my research skills to help organisations, particularly those working in the humanitarian and development sector.

My languages: English – Dutch – French

My experience:

free resources

My consultancy work grew from my “former life” as an academic researcher. As part of this work, I prepared various publications, tools and webinars on the role of languages in international organisations. You can find them in the resources section of this website. I am available to provide more tailored advice to your organisation. Happy browsing!

GOAL learning brief
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